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When you’re off travelling the world, chances are that you stick out like a sore thumb, that’s just the way it is. But lots of travellers really don’t help themselves, putting their foot in it by coming out with insensitive or embarrassing things, usually completely unintentionally.

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It’s common knowledge that everything in the US is bigger than here in the UK whether it be the food, the cars or the houses. But what puts it into perspective is when you see that entire states are actually multiple times bigger than our humble little island!

POSTED BY Mavy | JULY 27 2017
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We all know that Florida is all about the theme parks, and no visit to New York is complete without seeing Central Park, but what about the rest of the United States? We’ve taken a look at TripAdvisor and compiled their number one tourist attraction for each state in the map below.

POSTED BY Mavy | JULY 21 2017
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When we think of famous flags, the Stars and Stripes, the Union Jack, and the Nisshōki all probably spring to mind in a heartbeat, but have you ever wondered about the stories behind these famous designs? If you’re curious, we’ve delved into the origins of the world’s most iconic flags with some interesting findings.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 2 2017
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Europe is an amazing place to visit and, if you’ve not been before, you need to add it to your bucket list. Despite being a small continent, there are so many cultures to experience, and whichever country you visit you will find that things are very different to how they are in the US.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 2 2017
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Planning your 2017 vacation but stuck for ideas on where to go? We’ve got you covered, as in this post we will run through our top 10 must-visit places, to give you plenty of inspiration for the next destination to tick off your bucket list!

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 2 2017
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Thailand is the hub of Southeast Asia, and while many visitors fly into Bangkok, the country has so much more to offer across its 76 provinces, each with their own flavor. With lush jungles, beautiful beaches, great food, some of the friendliest people in the world, and cheap prices, there’s so much to see and do here.

POSTED BY Mavy | APRIL 4 2017
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Ask anyone where the ultimate romantic destination is, and the chances are that they’ll tell you Paris. After all, they don’t call it the City of Love for nothing!

POSTED BY Mavy | APRIL 4 2017
Label: Europe, Fun Facts, Travel Tips

London is probably one of the top places you’ll want to visit when making a trip across the pond on vacation, and with good reason! It is a vibrant city, with plenty of British culture and history.


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