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Cheap Flights to Osaka, Japan

Japan’s third largest city, Osaka, is a city of colour, filled with some of the best aspects of Japanese culture, from the traditional street markets offering delicious street food, to the towering skyscrapers which show the modern, metropolitan side of the city.

One of the most important things to the people of Osaka is food. In fact, their unofficial slogan is kuidaore, which means ‘eat until you drop’. This is something that you can see in the street markets selling tempting treats, to high-end restaurants serving traditional dishes in luxurious surroundings.

Osaka is one of the great places to see the iconic cherry blossoms of Japan, particularly if you visit around March/April. However, alongside the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms and the waterways of the Dotonbori canal, you’ll find a sprawling metropolitan cityscape with a towering skyline which could compete with that of Tokyo.

5 Things You Need to Know About Osaka

When you’re preparing yourself for your trip to Osaka, there are a few basics that you should know that will help you to learn a little bit about the city before you arrive.

Time Difference: UTC +9 hours
Currency: Japanese Yen (¥)
Native Language: Japanese
Weather: In Osaka, you can expect cool winters and hot summers, with winter temperatures being around 49ºF and summer temperatures reaching around 92ºF.
Sales Tax: 8%

Flying to Osaka From the US

Here’s everything you’ll need to know when you’re planning to fly to Osaka from the US, including flight times and entry requirements.

Flight Times

Flying to Osaka from the US can take roughly 12-16 hours depending on where you’re flying from. You can find direct flights from some cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, but if you’re flying from other cities, you may need to take a more indirect route which can take longer.

Entry Requirements

When you arrive in Japan, you’ll be given a temporary visitor visa as a US citizen. This will cover you for 90 days. You may also need to provide proof of your travel plans, showing that you have an outbound flight, so make sure that you have this information to hand so you are able to show it should you be asked.

Airlines That Fly to Osaka

You can find direct flights from the US to Osaka with the following airlines:

- United
- American Airlines
- Japan Airlines

The Airport

Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Osaka’s main airport, Kansai International Airport, is located on its own man-made island in Osaka Bay. To get into Osaka, the easiest way is by train on the Kansai Airport Rapid Service. The journey takes around 65-70 minutes and will cost roughly ¥1,190 ($10.50).

10 Osaka Must-Dos

When you’re visiting Osaka, there are plenty of things to see and do, but here are just ten of our favourite things to do in the city:

- Osaka Castle
- Shitennoji Temple
- National Bunraku Theatre
- Abeno Harukas
- National Museum of Art
- Universal Studios Japan
- Tsutenkaku
- Dotonbori
- Tennoji Zoo
- Nishinomaru Garden

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