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Cheap Business Class Flights to Athens

Athens is one of the richest and most cultural cities in the world. Not many places can boast of their vibrant historical credentials like Athens can; after all, it is the oldest capital city in Europe. Not only is it home to unbelievable architecture, but it is the creative home of famous philosophers, playwrights, and world-renowned landmarks. Some say that boarding a flight to Athens is like stepping into a time machine.

Alongside mesmerizing tales and historical anecdotes, Athens has much more to offer as a modern and innovative city. 2004 saw the city host the Olympics which boosted investments into Athens’ infrastructure and regeneration into hidden gems and forgotten about areas, making it an even more tourist-friendly city than before.

A particular highlight for many travelers to Athens or any area of Greece is the cuisine. Bursting with Michelin star eateries, small and quaint tavernas and high-end treats unique to the area. You will experience one-of-a-kind flavors that push the boundaries of food. And when you are full of divine cuisine, the upmarket shopping boutiques will fill your appetite for fine goods.

Awash with a vibrant combination of youth, history, and excitement, this city offers something for every adventure-seeker. Whether you are looking to stay out partying until the early hours or relax over a coffee, a plate of keftedes and people watch, you will feel right at home in Athens.

There is a huge amount of options for everything; from accommodation to restaurants, nightlife to activities and beyond. And when you've had your city fun, you can always head to the various stunning beaches and relax with a cocktail…


Why Fly Business Class?

Business class is the perfect option for travelers to Athens, especially with the long distance from anywhere in the US. Flight times from New York alone can take a minimum of 9 hours, however, some flights can take over 14 hours, dependant on where you are flying from in the US.

There is so much to do in Athens, you will certainly never be bored. With an abundance of adventure and history awaiting you, rest is much-needed. Instead of feeling cramped, tired and unhappy flying in economy for such a long flight, why not choose to treat yourself and travel in business class?

Whether you are traveling for business needs or leisure, comfort and relaxation can often be a rarity on any flight. Why not take this chance to make your trip to Athens even more amazing? You will be given a fully-reclinable seat, a delicious chef-prepared meal, priority boarding, and plenty more VIP benefits. Did we mention you will also get access to exclusive airport lounges, ensuring you are relaxed before stepping onboard?

Popular Routes

Direct flights to Athens are available from most US states, however, indirect flights are more widely available, especially if you are looking for a more affordable option and increased flexibility. There are various ways to fly into Athens - it's just a matter of finding the perfect route for you, and that's what Globehunters are here for!

Aleftherios Venizelos (ATH) is around 12 miles east of Athens and handles over 20 million passengers in Greece every year. It is Greece’s largest airport with a bustling and vibrant atmosphere.

As a US citizen, you are allowed to travel to Greece and all other members of the Schengen area for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa, however, male sure you have at least 3 months left on your passport after your planned return to the US.

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