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The Global Public Transport Index

POSTED BY Mavy | August 2, 2019
Label: Travel Tips

Whether you live and work in a city or are simply visiting, public transport can be an efficient and eco-friendly way of getting from A to B, as long as you don’t mind the hectic rush-hour crowds.

And while it might usually be cheaper than driving, the cost of public transport can quickly stack up, even more so in certain cities.

The 5 Most Expensive Cities

The 5 Most Expensive Cities

According to data from Numbeo, London ranks as the most expensive city in the world for a monthly transport pass, with an average cost of around $186, with Sydney ($151) and Dublin ($143) coming in second and third place.

London is known as having one of the most extensive transport networks in the world, with the Underground alone carrying over a billion passengers each year.

Top 5 Cheapest Cities

The 5 Cheapest Cities

Each of the top five cheapest cities for public transport were found in Asia, with a monthly pass costing the equivalent of just $4.34.

Destinations in Asia, particularly those in the Southeast, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, are becoming increasingly popular and are generally known as being very affordable for Western travellers.

Top 5 Most Expensive Countries

The 5 expensive Countries

The top five most expensive countries on average were all those which generally have a high cost of living. Ireland takes the top spot with a monthly cost of $120

Note that these average figures only relate to cities in the countries and public transport may be cheaper in rural areas!

Top 5 Cheapest Countries

The 5 Cheapest Countries

Again, we see that the cheaper countries for public transport are generally found in Asia, such as Pakistan, where an average monthly pass comes to just $5.17.

The Global Public Transport Index - Countries Ranked

The Global Public Transport Index - Countries Ranked

The Global Public Transport Index - Cities Ranked

The Global Public Transport Index - Cities Ranked


We took the average cost of a ‘Monthly Transport Pass’ from Numbeo for the 343 cities for which data was available, before whittling this down to the 50 most populated, according to Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations 2018.

Data correct as of July 17th 2019.

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